Legacy Giving


Legacy Giving

Knox Endowment and Estate Sharing

A planned giving program designed to inspire and benefit future generations to Learn, Grow and Serve as followers of Jesus Christ.

General Information  l   Other Ways of Giving

The Knox Endowment and Estate Sharing Ministry is a planned giving program where donations to the fund are invested in perpetuity.  The Permanent Funds Ministry Committee (PFMC) under the jurisdiction of the Session, has oversight responsibility. The Legacy Giving Ministry is supported by the:

  • Knox Session
  • Knox Pastoral Staff
  • Presbyterian Church (USA) Foundation

    Testimonial from Charlie Johnpeter, May 01, 2016
  • Ashley Anderson from Teen Parent Connection
The Endowment and Estate Sharing Ministry has chosen the Presbyterian Church (USA) Foundation to manage our investments.  The Foundation maintains socially responsible investments with returns consistent with the preservation of inflation-adjusted capital and fund goals.
The Endowment and Estate Sharing Ministry carries two separate
  • Capital Facilities Fund
  • Mission, Program and Benevolence Fund
Both funds are intended to support programs and missions beyond the annual operational budget or Capital Campaigns.
The objectives of the Endowment and Estate Sharing Ministry are:
  • To offer an additional funding program to the congregation and friends of Knox to make planned gifts
  • To encourage deferred and immediate gifts to Knox.
  • To further the mission and vision of Knox.

Need further information?

Please contact the church office or a pastor and they will make sure a member of the PFMC contact you.  

Other Ways of Giving:

  • Outright Gifts. Cash, securities, or property can be given at any time. Oftentimes, you can realize immediate tax benefits.
  • Wills or Trusts. They detail your charitable bequests of assets.
  • Revocable Living Trust. Allows you to give assets to Knox in trust, but retain the right to retrieve them if necessary.
  • Life Insurance. By naming Knox as a beneficiary to receive a proton or all of the policy proceeds.
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts. A trust in which you are provided an income throughout your lifetime with the remaining principal ultimately benefiting Knox. 
  • Charitable Lead Trusts. A trust in which Knox receives the income from the trust assets with the remaining assets ultimately going to loved ones or other beneficiaries. 
  • Real Estate Remainder Trust. Allows you to five a house or real estate while retaining its use for as long as you live. 
  • Gift Annuity. A gift to Knox which provides you with a fixed, guaranteed income for life.
  • Pooled Income Gift. A gift to Knox which provides variable income payments to you. 
  • Donor Advised Fund. Allows for a current income tax deduction and gives you the ability to direct investments and charitable gifts over time.  
Endowment and Estate Sharing Advisement

It is strongly recommended to seek the advice of your financial professional and/or lawyer in planning and executing the gifting or transfer of any asset to any charitable organization.

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