A.S.K. Employment Ministry


A.S.K. Employment Ministry

Ask Seek Knock

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be open to you"            Matthew 7:7

The Knox A.S.K. Employment Ministry was established to facilitate the networking process within the congregation; to help connect those seeking employment with those that can help them uncover the 'hidden' opportunities.

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Ask and it will be given to you...

At some point, we all find ourselves needing to ask for help.  For those that find themselves asking for work because they are unemployed, underemployed or unhappily employed, the rules for a job search have changed - drastically.

In the past, successful job searches typically involved a combination of scanning newspaper ads, contacting recruiters and searching the Internet job boards to find potential opportunities.  However, the current statistics for success paint a much different picture.

  • Only 15% of jobs are currently found through traditional methods - newspaper ads, recruiters, internet job boards
  • Remaining 85% of jobs in "hidden" market - never advertised or posted
  • only way to uncover these opportunities is by building personal relationships that connect the job seeker with the prospective employer


Seek and you will find...

Searching often involves finding resources that give us guidance and direction.  The body of Christ that is Knox Presbyterian Church has one of the best resources available to job seekers - a vast network of human relationship.

The Knox A.S.K. Employment Ministry is built on the foundations of relationship and prayer to assist those seeking employment by:

  • Providing spiritual and emotional support to the unemployed, underemployed and unhappily employed
  • Establishing a nurturing and caring ministry that encourages anyone facing the challenges of unemployment
  • Facilitating the development of networking relationships within the Knox community
  • Providing access to the "hidden" employment opportunities

As Christians, we are called to help our brothers and sisters in time of need.  However, it is often difficult to know just how one can help.  The Knox A.S.K. Employment Ministry was created to provide one way for you to become involved.


Knock and it will be opened to you...

The act of knocking implies a request and then a response - a response from someone who will open a door.  How can you help open a door for those seeking employment?

First, pray.  Pray for those seeking employment, those willing to help, those reluctant to help, potential employers, our business leaders and our government leadership.

If you are familiar with LindkedIn, please join the Knox Presbyterian Group.

If you are currently seeking employment, would like to offer other support for the ministry or if you would like further information about this ministry, please send an email to

Knox Members seeking employment.  Click on their photo to be directed to their LinkedIn profile.  

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