Stewardship and Generosity


Stewardship and Generosity

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A COVID-19 update from Cash Management and Stewardship Council

The financial statements through June 30 reflect that Knox Presbyterian Church is in sound financial shape. Our typical monthly financial report might end there, if not for the sudden appearance of the pandemic that has us sheltering in place.  As this pandemic has impacted our worship as well as our daily work, social routines, and even grocery shopping, it also may have a financial impact.

The impact of the COVID-19 virus likely presents two financial challenges to Knox this year:  the amount of pledged and unpledged receipts and the timing of those receipts.

  • Amount - many members of our congregation may face job losses or other financial challenges in the current environment, and this could impact the amount of pledge receipts.
  • Timing - Roughly 60% of pledged giving is received via the offering plate.  The lack of a physical offering plate may delay those receipts but Knox will still need to meet their payroll and mortgage obligations which could be a timing mismatch between receipts and payments.  

In response, the Stewardship and Cash Management Council is taking the following actions:

  • Monitoring Knox's cash flows as closely as possible and keeping our Session appraised of our status.
  • We encourage you to consider to either mail in your pledge or give online through our website. This will alleviate the timing issues mentioned above. If you need help setting this up call Michal Baker, our Financial Administrator at 630-615-4301.
  • Secured a short-term loan through the Paycheck Protection Program under the recent CARES Act passed by the Federal government  

Some of the more experienced members of our Council have reminded us that Knox has faced challenges in the past, and the congregation has always risen to the occasion.  These are challenging times, but we are optimistic that Knox will pull together and emerge stronger than ever!


As God’s people, we recognize that all of creation comes out of God’s abundance and provision are gifts of which we are caretakers or stewards. God calls us to be givers of our generous abundance to time, talent and treasure. In our giving we participate in God’s work in the world and we participate in the transforming work God wants to do in each of us.

We invite you to help further the Mission of Knox in giving proportionately and sacrificially. From the good we receive we will advance God’s kingdom in our world.

Stewardship is the way these gifts are given and used for the service of God. We ask for pledges as a commitment of financial support each year. We encourage pledging because making and keeping promises is an important spiritual discipline that fosters faithfulness and mutual responsibility.  Pledges also help the congregation to plan wisely. 

Your financial support makes it possible to do God's work. Giving generously to the church is a result of a heart aligned with the Father and to express gratitude to Him. We are the Church and every pledge working together makes a difference. 

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