Safe Haven Policy


Safe Haven Policy

Anyone planning to serve in Knox's Youth or Children's Ministries must complete the Knox Safe Haven Policy.  If you do not already comply, read the Knox Safe Haven Policy (SHP), sign the Policy's Covenant Statement, complete a Volunteer Application form and attend a SHP training session.

You can pick up a copy of the Knox SHP from the sign-up tables or church office. Before attending a training session, read the policy and bring it with you to the session.

The SHP Training Sessions run approximately 30 minutes. If you need training contact the director for the program that is of interest to you.

If you are able to drive for a youth function, a Driver Information Form must be completed and returned along with a copy of your valid drivers license and a copy of your insurance card.
Q - I'm a teacher, do I have to take the training since I have had training at my school? 

Q - I volunteer with Boy Scouts (Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts etc.) they have a Safe Haven training.  Do I still need to take yours?

Q - I work with _______ and have had extensive training do I still need to take your training?

Q - My dog thinks I am awesome with kids, do I really have to take it?

A - okay, so we have never heard the last question but for the other questions and other possible reasons the answer is always yes.  The training only lasts for 20 minutes and is good for 3 years.  

When you do the training be sure to....

  • fill out forms completely
  • over 18 include your ss#, we can't process without it
  • be sure to sign in so we have a record that you were there
  • be sure to include to middle name or initial

The next classes are: 

sessions run for approximately 30 minutes

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